2004 Trail Camera Pictures

Here is a selection of our most recent trail photographs of deer on our properties.   These photos were off of our South property,

and all were taken last Fall. They were taken off of two pieces of ground combining a total of 1200 acres from 5 cameras.  To the best of our

knowledge these deer are all still alive and running around.  We have no way of knowing for sure, but none were killed by our clients this year and

discussing with area hunters we have no knowledge of them being killed by local hunters.  Unless a car or truck got them, they will be around this year for the

season. We have in the neighborhood of 100 small buck photographs in which we did not include.  Photographs of bucks under 130" were not put on the site.  With

the increase of more economical digital trail cameras, we hope to be able to monitor all 8,000 acres we have under management, and be able to give you many more photographs

to look at in the future. 


Our 2005 Season Cameras will be in the Woods on July 1st look for updates!!!